Quite often, as we study the scriptures, we come across phrases that teach important facts about a wide variety of things. Likewise, we find specific words that call to our minds various important thoughts. For example, we find the word “ready” used several times in regard to different things. In this article, I would like for us to examine some of the texts wherein we find this word and, as we do this, let us ask ourselves are we ready to comply with the thoughts that are found therein?

PETER CLAIMED TO BE READY TO GO WHERE HE WAS LED – LUKE 22:33However, as we know, he was not ready. We find that he just thought that he was. As we are aware, it was not long after this promise that Peter denied the Lord (Matthew 26:69, 70). Today, we should be ready to go with Jesus wherever He leads us (Matthew 16:24). Our following Him should be like a soldier under sealed orders. The question of obedience has been settled before the orders are opened.

PETER WROTE WE NEED TO BE READY TO GIVE AN ANSWER – 1 PETER 3:15Each of us needs to be ready to do just as Peter wrote. There is no excuse for a Christian who cannot give an answer for the hope that is in them. Without any doubt, it will take study of the Word to be able to do this, but are we not told to study (2 Timothy 2:15)? To be able to always give an answer we need to have the right disposition of heart. It is easily realized that a person might win a discussion, but while he is doing so he might lose a soul. Thus as we give an answer for the hope that we have we need to do so with the type of love for the lost that Jesus would have us to have. Instead of winning the discussion at all cost, let us win the soul and the discussion (Proverbs 11:30).

PAUL WAS READY TO PREACH THE GOSPEL – ROMANS 1:15It is plain to see that he was ready to preach the gospel since it was “the power of God unto salvation” (Romans 1:16). Likewise, he was not ashamed of the gospel, thus he was ready to proclaim it as he should. These same reasons should motivate each of us to be ready to preach the gospel to a lost and dying world.

PAUL GAVE INSTRUCTION CONCERNING BEING READY TO DO ALL GOOD WORKS – TITUS 3:1In regards to good works, we need to be ready to see that they get done. We should be ready to do it ourselves, and not wish it off on somebody else. Works, according to James, are the fruits of faith, as we show our faith by our works (James 2:18). Each of us needs to be ready to show our faith through the good works that we perform.

PAUL WAS READY TO DIE FOR THE NAME OF JESUS – ACTS 21:13This statement was correct because he later died for his faith in Jesus. As we think of what Jesus must have meant to Paul, does He mean that much to us? We have not been, as of yet, asked to die for Christ. We have only been asked to live for Him. Are we ready to do so as He asks?

JESUS COMMANDS US TO BE READY FOR HIS RETURN – MATTHEW 24:42-44The tragedy of the foolish virgins of Matthew 25 was that they were not prepared for the coming of the bridegroom. Likewise, the tragedy for countless souls will be their failure to prepare for the coming of Christ. We must know that this preparation does not come accidentally. We must make it on purpose. We do this by obeying the gospel.

The question isn’t, are there things for which we need to be ready? There is no doubt there are. The question is, are we ready to do what God has told us to do?