“Christ Is the Answer” is a slogan used by different religious groups, but they have no monopoly on it. Following Christ, as He would have us to follow Him, solves many problems (2 Peter 1:3). If we would but learn to turn to Him in our time of need, we would realize that, indeed, Christ is the answer. In this article I would like for us to focus on some of areas wherein it is easily seen that He is the answer.

CHRIST IS THE ANSWER FOR ATONEMENT – Until the coming of Christ, the question at hand seemed to be “If a man die, shall he live again?” as found in Job 14:14. At the appropriate time (Galatians 4:4), Christ came and answered that question by freely giving His blood that we might be atoned from our sin. No doubt all, or at least all should, realize that Jesus gave His life’s blood for all (Hebrews 2:9). As such, He came and gave His blood so as to be the propitiation for our sins. The word “propitiation” simply means that He was the atoning sacrifice for the sins of mankind (1 John 2:1, 2). Christ is the answer for atonement, but He could not be so unless He shed His blood on the cross (Ephesians 1:7; Hebrews 9:12, 14, 15, 22). In this world of multiple answers for many questions, Christ is the only answer for atonement.

CHRIST IS THE ANSWER FOR SALVATION – To the eunuch, in Acts 8, who desired the way of salvation, he found that Christ was the answer (Acts 8:30-35; John 14:6; Acts 4:12). Also, Christ is the answer for salvation if for no other reason than the fact He is the one who gave the plan of salvation (Mark 16:16; Hebrews 5:9). Of course,

CHRIST IS THE ANSWER FOR THE WAY OF LIFE – Christ serves as our example in matters pertaining to life (1 Peter 2:21). As we consider our lives, it should be realized that we must follow Jesus because He is the way of life (Luke 9:23; John 14:6). Christ is the answer for the issues of life, but only for those who are willing to accept Him as the answer (Matthew 7:21). Many are looking for the answers to life’s problems, but once confronted with the answer, they do not like it.

CHRIST IS THE ANSWER TO TEMPTATION  – In Matthew 4:1-11 we see that Christ set the example in respect to temptation. As He would not allow Himself to be overcome with the temptations of Satan we, too, must strive to do the same. He is the answer to temptation since He was tempted in all manner such as we are, yet in these temptations He did not once fall (Hebrews 4:15). He is also the answer to temptation since He will not allow us to be tempted beyond that which we are able to stand (1 Corinthians10:13).

CHRIST IS THE ANSWER IN SORROW – Sorrow, like as we have in our lives, was not something that was uncommon to Christ (John 11:35: Hebrews 2:18). Christ is very much aware of the amount of sorrow that one can and does, at times, have in their life. Because of the understanding that Christ has concerning our sorrow, we find that He is an ever present help (Psalms 46:1; Matthew 28:20; Hebrews 13:5, 6). For one to suggest that Christ has no idea of the personal sorry that we may experience in our lives I would suggest they study Isaiah 53:3-5. Christ is the answer to our sorrow, but we must want the answer.

CHRIST IS THE ANSWER IN DEATH – John 11:25, 26As each of us faces the “chilling hand” of death, Christ is the answer. As each of us draws closer to the “appointment” with death that we must keep, Christ is the answer for what lay ahead (Hebrews 9:27). As we think of this may we carefully consider Psalm 23:4. Christ is the answer in death for those who are His saints (Psalm 116:15). Likewise, Christ is the answer in death due to the fact that He will someday raise the dead (John 5:28, 29).

CHRIST IS THE ANSWER FOR ETERNITY – Matthew 25:46 – Christ offers eternal life, but we must desire it more than life itself. Clearly we can take note that Christ is the answer for eternity, as He offers a crown of life for the faithful (Revelation 2:10).

Christ is the answer, but we must first desire the answer.