I suppose if you were to ask what my favorite chapter of the Bible is, I would probably say Romans chapter 8. This chapter is almost at the center of the New Testament, and is definitely at the center of all that is involved in New Testament Christianity. Someone has said of Romans chapter 8, “If the Holy Scriptures was a ring, and the epistle to the Romans a precious stone, chapter eight would be the sparkling point of the jewel.” Another has said, “It is undoubtedly the chapter of chapters for the life of the believer.”

In a casual consideration of Romans chapter 8, I believe it would be proper to refer to it as the Christian’s “Declaration of Freedom”. From Romans 8 we find four spiritual freedoms that I would like for us to consider at this time.

FREEDOM FROM CONDEMNATION – In Romans 8:1-4, we find the first freedom that Paul mentions, that being “freedom from condemnation”. From the time of Adam up to Christ, man had been under the condemnation of sin. The reason for that was there had been no adequate

atonement available (Hebrews 10:1-4). Even during the Mosaical period of time the Law was unable to fully justify man before God. Since the Law was powerless to save man, as it was not designed to do so, God sent His Son to offer Himself as atonement for the sins of man. Because of this sacrifice, man is able to be “justified from sin”; he can become “dead unto sin”; he can be made “free from sin”; so that sin can no longer exercise “dominion over him” (Romans 6:7, 11, 14, 18).

FREEDOM FROM OBLIGATION – In Romans 8:5-17, Paul discussed the Christian’s freedom from obligation to sin. We note that the Christian no longer possesses the carnalmind, but the spiritual mind (Romans 8:6). One who is in Christ is now free to live his life debt-free in regard to the flesh (Romans 8:12). The Christian has a new Father by spiritual adoption, and is the recipient of a new inheritance, becoming a “joint-heir” with Christ (Romans 8:17). Since we now have no obligation to Satan or sin, we need to be strong in resisting him (James 4:7). Our obligation now is to Christ who loved us enough to give Himself for us (Romans 5:8).

FREEDOM FROM FRUSTRATION – In Romans 8:18-30 Paul discussed the Christian’s freedom from frustration. At times, all of us have been frustrated in our efforts to live the Christian life. Perhaps this is due, at least in part, to our not knowing the great encouragement which God supplies. When we become frustrated with our Christian life we need to recall the greatness of our coming glory, as seen in verses 18-25. The realization of this fact should spur us on in those periods of frustration. The great promise that we find in verse 28, alone, should be enough to assist us in overcoming our frustration. With these great blessings available to the child of God, we surely do not want to give up in frustration.

 FREEDOM FROM FEAR – The fourth and final freedom that the Christian possesses, that we see in Romans chapter 8, is the freedom from fear. Why should the Christian fear? God is for us (Romans 8:31) and Christ died for us (Romans 8:32). The Christian should be free from fear because God has justified him (Romans 8:33). In view of this, there are no grounds for our condemnation and no law system to condemn us as we are under God’s grace. Of course this is not to say we have no law, but that there is a clear distinction between the new and better covenant that we now live under (Hebrews 8:6). Since there is no conceivable enemy who can separate us from the love of God which is in Christ Jesus our Lord (Romans 8:38, 39) there is no reason to fear.

Truly, as God’s children, we are free through Christ. In Him there is no condemnation, no defeat, no despair, and no separation for those in Christ. Surely, we are free in Christ!